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Nonchi Amsterdam is inspired by this Parisian style, and in our collection, we blend the spirit of Amsterdam and Paris to create a unique combination. If you're planning a visit to this city, there's no better way to cover yourself in its culture than by wearing our beautiful collection from Nonchi Amsterdam, featuring pieces like the Elise Blouse or the Chloé Dress.

Within this article, we will guide you through the streets of Paris, recommending the finest hotels and restaurants that perfectly embody the Parisian style

Must visit hotels in Paris

Hotel grand powers

This hotel in the 8th arrondissement, close to the Louvre, is an absolute must visit. The hotel has recently been renovated for 2 years into a beautiful hotel with an interior inspired by the 1940s and 1950s. The beautiful details can be found throughout the hotel and the rooms with balconies have a view over the beautiful streets of Paris or even the Eiffel tower. Besides being a great place for couples, this hotel is also perfect for families. Amazing!

Must visit hotel Paris

Hotel Costes

This very chic and luxery hotel is an absolute must visit. What first started with a cafe in the early eighties, quickly grew into this beautiful hotel. The interior is a mix of Napoleon-era design with a modern twist. Furthermore, many celebrities stay in the hotel and it has a shop with delicious scented candles and parfums. Understandably it is very expensive to stay overnight, but despite that it is a real must visit for a drink.

Must visit hotel in Paris

The Hoxton Hotel

If you are looking for a hip stay in Paris, then the Hoxton Hotel in the 2nd arrondissement is the right place to visit. Every corner of the hotel is worth a photo because of the beautiful interior, and you can drink a delicious cocktail at Bar Jacques. In addition, the atmosphere is relaxed and great for a weekend away.

Must visit hotel in Paris

Hotel Amour

In the museum district of the 9th arrondissement, where art meets fashion, you'll find the Amour Hotel. The hotel has a total of 29 rooms with a romantic theme. Alongside the accommodation options the hotel also boasts a restaurant and bar. Beside that, the establishment is adorned with a garden and a diverse collection of furniture and objects that have been gathered over time. In short, the perfect place for a romantic weekend away.

Chloé Black Dress - Nonchi Amsterdam

Chloé Dress: the Parisian way

The Chloé Dress is a celebration of timeless style. Its design, inspired by the effortlessly chic Parisian aesthetic, captures the essence of Paris fashion. The flowing lines, delicate details, and high-quality materials make it a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Whether you choose a classic black Chloe Dress for a night out or a floral one for a daytime stroll along the Seine, you'll instantly feel like a Parisian fashion icon.

The Cloé Dress is available in black and white.

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Must visit restaurant in Paris

Le Cafe Marly

Nowadays known for the Emily in Paris series, but certainly highly recommended for that as well. Situated in the Louvre's courtyard, this renowned restaurant combines art, history, and gastronomy in an exceptional setting. Le Cafe Marly offers a breathtaking view of the Louvre Pyramid and the elegant garden.

Must visit restaurant in Paris

Brasserie la Lorraine

The beautiful Brasserie La Lorraine is 5 minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe. With a menu specialized in seafood, the restaurant offers dishes for every time of the day with the best quality seafood and oysters. In addition, the restaurant has also recently been renovated in a maritime atmosphere with plenty of space inside and outside. Tip! Arrange your business meetings in the brasserie.

Must visit restaurant in Paris

La perruche

La perruche is one that you absolutely should not miss. A oasis where you can enjoy lunch, drinks, admire the most beautiful sunsets and party. This is where the romantic city of Paris meets the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the entire restaurant is classically decorated in yellow and white and the food is delicious.

Must visit restaurant in Paris

Loulou restaurant

LouLou boasts a unique location in the heart of the Musée des Arts décoratifs at the Louvre. Here, you can savor a magical break right in the midst of the city, whether it's for a snack, lunch, tea, dinner, or a drink. When the weather is pleasant, the terrace is also highly recommended. The restaurant is cosy, refined and appetizing.