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Amsterdam: Lizzy Cardigan, Rosie Sweater and Livia/Amélie Jacket

Nonchi's Lizzy cardigans and Rosie Sweaters from Mohair are the perfect solution for the change of season. But also a layered look with the Rosie sweaters featuring Nonchi's Amélie jeans jacket or Nonchi's Livia jackets is a stylish way to transition through autumn while staying comfortable and fashionable. The Rosie Sweaters and Lizzy cardigans are available in more than 30 colors to complete your look

Amsterdam, the picturesque capital of the Netherlands, is not just known for its rich history and stunning canals but also for its vibrant fashion scene. The city effortlessly combines classic elegance with contemporary style.

Having embraced the stylish vibe of Amsterdam with the Lizzy Cardigan and Rosie Sweaters, let's now explore the top coffee spots in Amsterdam where you can flaunt this look.

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The best coffee and pasteries shop in Amsterdam

Saint Jean

This plant-based bakery and coffee spot in the Jordaan offers you the most delicious pastries. From croissants with pistachio mousseline cream and cinnamon sugar to Lemon Meringue Cruffins, you can all find it at Saint Jean.

The best Coffee spot in Amsterdam

Coffee district

This place, close to the Vondelpark, is definitely a must-visit coffee place in Amsterdam. They have delicious specialty coffee, delightful cinnamon buns, and very good service. It is also definitely worth taking a look at the interior.

The best coffee spot in Amsterdam


If you are looking for the perfect espresso bar, Cafecito is the right place for you. With the right temperature and Cuban beans, they ensure good quality espresso. But they also have delicious juices and lattes.

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Tops and Skirts

The Elegance Emelie Set

The Emilie set features a timeless style that seamlessly adapts from daytime to evening. The set is the ideal option to discover Amsterdam's neighborhoods.

Let's now explore the perfect dining spots where you can confidently flaunt the Emilie Set.

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Must visit restaurant in Amsterdam


This Michelin-star wine bar and restaurant in the middle of Amsterdam's city center gives you an unique experience with a wide choice of interesting wines and a refined menu. Despite this, the restaurant is personal, warm, and accessible to everyone, without an extensive menu. In short, highly recommended!

Must visit restaurant in Amsterdam

Brut de Mer

This restaurant brings the Côte d'Azur to De Pijp in Amsterdam. With creative seafood dishes, a lively atmosphere, and excellent service, this is a restaurant you should definitely experience. The restaurant boasts a diverse selection of oysters, expertly opened by experienced oystermen who can provide you with information. They also offer a fine selection of wines to complement your afternoon or evening.

Must visit restaurant in Amsterdam


If you're seeking a dinner with a delightful and unique experience, then you must visit "Vuurtoreneiland," a small island in the Markermeer near Amsterdam. The experience begins on a boat in Amsterdam, where you can savor delicious snacks on board. Following this, the adventure continues with a 6-course menu featuring regional products and artisanal techniques, all while enjoying the island's ambiance. Furthermore, the restaurant adapts its offerings to the changing seasons every summer and winter.

Must visit restaurant in Amsterdam

Restaurants Caron

This family restaurant has four fantastic restaurants spread across Amsterdam. Cozy bistrot where you can enjoy French dishes and delicious wines. With even recently their own wine named Lowel.

Must visit restaurant in Amsterdam


Looking for a casual café in Amsterdam with the influences of France? Then Libertine is the right place for you. You will find a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner at Libertine. In addition to the location on the Noordermarkt, the restaurant has recently been enriched with a location in the middle of the Pijp.

Must visit restaurant in Amsterdam

De hemelse modder

This restaurant is definitely worth a try. In the middle of the city on a beautiful canal and has been for almost 40 years. With local organic products, a matching menu is available every season, with a worldly atmosphere mixed with the familiar Amsterdam.

Must visit restaurant in Amsterdam

Café Garçon

Looking for a hip French restaurant in Amsterdam South? Then you've come to the right place at Cafe Garcon. You get delicious classic French dishes, each with their own story. The matching wines should not be forgotten either. They collaborate with exclusive French wineries for the perfect experience. The restaurant has recently been enriched with Brasserie Margaux, which is also highly recommended.

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